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How it started

Harquart Pearce found its roots long ago in March 2021 over a glorious cup of Yorkshire tea as Jess expressed to Hannah an interest in producing and Hannah expressed a lack of Producer. Thus Harquart Pearce was birthed.The rest is history.


What we do 

Harquart Pearce is a dynamic, modern day, multi-disciplinary Creator and Producer of Film and Stage Productions.We make work that is worth watching. We want our work to challenge our audiences to find common ground where they thought there was none. 


How we work 
Creating an atmosphere that promotes open and supported collaboration is essential to our process and making quality work. As two women we are invested in creating as many opportunities as we can for women in the industry as we can. 


Hannah Harquart

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Hannah moved to London from Manchester when she was 18 to begin her foundation course in acting and never left (although she is still a proud northerner at heart). She quickly discovered as well as acting  a love for writing through making work with and for friends, as well as herself. This has led to a desire to share her work with a wider audience. A requisite for agency and choice in her career has landed Hannah in the producing world, turns out spreadsheets are fun. 


Jessica Pearce

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Jessica spent her childhood moving around the globe, finally coming to the UK to complete her undergraduate at Warwick University in business management. After beginning a career as a strategy consultant she decided to trade in ‘stability’ for ‘creativity’, pursuing training as an actor. Whilst still acting Jessica has fallen into producing as a way to satisfy her artistic desire as well as her type A personality. 

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