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Harquart Pearce and Periphery Theatre have come together to produce Scratch That! A unique approach to helping put on new writing. Our approach places the writers at the centre giving them support throughout the pre-production process and aftercare of the pieces. We felt that there was an opportunity to develop further the fleeting connections made between creatives at events like these. With this mind as a part of our Scratch That! all our creatives involved are invited to join us for a post-festival workshop and will also have their shows recorded. 
As a part of the workshop we will be using audience feedback to help develop the next rendition of the writing. Join us to help influence the next phase of these pieces, have a laugh and meet like-minded creatives. 
If you’re looking to develop or widen your network make sure to come along on the Friday, as we’ll be having a small wrap-party!

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"You could write me in, you know, I wouldn’t mind.
Just a small mention."

Unidentified Baggage - Hannah Eggleton

About Periphery Theatre

In January 2021, Megan Basnett and Thomas Sparrow set up a new theatre company: Periphery Theatre. The aims of this company were based on three priorities:


1 - To champion new and up-and-coming artists and creatives, giving as many people their first start in the industry as we can.

2 - To search far and wide for touring opportunities to bring theatre to places around the UK.

3 - Aiming to develop bold, experimental and important ideas in playful and interesting ways.

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Megan Basnett

Hi! I’m Megan Basnett, theatre creative, writer, coffee drinker and co-artistic director of Periphery Theatre! I hopped on this wild ride in early 2021 to found a company based on ensemble values I love and raising up new/up-and-coming artists, and I’ve never looked back.


When I’m not posting on Instagram about what we are up to as a company or trying to sift through applications for funding and more, I’m writing (I’m currently working on a one-woman show about Dyslexia and overactive imaginations!). In 2020 I directed a piece of social distance theatre called ‘away in ingo’, where I used mime and dance elements to play with the concepts of isolation and uncertainty which plague teenagers (especially in a pandemic ridden world!).


"I've loved you everyday.I will love you every day. Regardless of how short they are."
Skylight - Marnie Russell


Megan Basnett

Susannah Cann

Hannah Eggleton

Grace Fogarty

Hannah Grimston

Hannah Harquart

Hug Hernandez 

Dela Ruth Hini

Alanya Hotchkiss

Annabel Miller

Beth Noonan Roberts

Jessica Pearce

Cameron Roberts

Marnie Russell

Tom Sparrow

Clara Courty-Zanca & François

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Tom Sparrow

Hello, I'm Tom (or Thomas to be formal). As well as being the co-founder of Periphery Theatre, I am also the co-host of The Talking Theatre Podcast, which is aiming to give a friendly and accessible way to hear about peoples experience in making work in the theatre industry.


I would say I am predominately a playwright, having produced work for online and live performances. My credits include Ham (2019, Produced by RUDS), One Night in October (2019, Produced by RUDS), The Ending (2020, Independently Produced) & Cheaper than Chimpanzees (2020, Produced by Digital Dramatists).


I started as an actor, and I still do where I can, having recently performed in Helium (2021, Produced by Grumble Pup) and Resurrection [After Ibsen] (2020, Produced by Dogmouth Theatre).

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